For the bees: Backyard pollinator habitat

Step outside and see where the bees live! Discover what pollinators need to survive, why they are essential to the world around us, what’s putting them at risk, and how you can help in your own back yard. Details and sign up here.

June 21, 2018
10 a.m. - 12 p.m.
Holly Point Farm, Belle Haven, Va.

Conservation is a good investment

"The Eastern Shore is embedded in our hearts and in our souls. Fortunately, the heart and soul of our home remain remarkably intact and healthy, thanks to conservation," writes Lucius J. Kellam, III conservation easement donor and former board member in a recent op-ed for the Virginia Pilot. The op-ed also highlights a study by George Mason University's Center for Regional Analysis and Urban Analytics that  found conservation has a positive economic impact on the Eastern Shore.

Because of you

A new generation is learning to care for the farms, forests, waters, plants, and animals. Your support continues to provide hands on learning experiences for local second graders. Together we are fostering curiosity and a love for the Eastern Shore. Thank you.