Easement Donor Profiles

Mrs. Tita de Gavre, Deep Creek Plantation, Onancock, VA
"I really love it. I want to preserve it for future generations. More of America is becoming paved over and I'm a country girl. I want it to stay country." -Mrs. de Gavre
Dr. Hal Lassiter, Elder Farm, Craddockville, VA

"The opportunity to preserve unspoiled land forever comes once in a lifetime, if that. Knowing that the waterfowl and animals will have an undisturbed home forever provides an incomparable degree of satisfaction that is impossible to quantify or value in dollars." -Dr. Lassiter
Larry and Cindy Custis, Cedar Grove Farm, Pungoteague, VA

“We want to protect creeks and water and really want  to see farmland farmed," explained Mrs. Custis.
Thomas and Francie Rayfield, Rayfield Farm, Birdsnest, VA

“We wanted to keep the family homestead all in one piece. I thought a conservation easement sounded like a really good idea for what we wanted to do with the land. The easement allows us to do everything we want,” noted Mr. Rayfield, “I think that’s a fear people have when considering easements. We laid it out ahead of time and made sure it was included in the easement.”
Cameron and Adele McIntyre, Fletcher Farm, New Church, VA

“The land inspires me constantly," said Cameron, "Even if I have painted a tree 10 times, it looks different each day and each season. There are a million things to paint on this farm. You just have to let it speak to you. I could paint here forever.”